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What does Count 1 & 2 Stricken mean

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He had 3 counts. #3 was found guilty Counts 1 &2 were 'Stricken'

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Means either the DA dismissed counts one and two as part of a plea to count three, or a jury only found him guilty on count three, or there was a motion to dismiss made by the defense and the court agreed only on counts one and two.

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It means counts one and two were dismissed or in other words, not guilty.

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It means that the charges in those two counts are gone. Whether or not the charges are gone forever depends on howhe was found guilty and why the other charges were stricken.
If he entered a plea based on negotiations, charges are gone.

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It means he plead guilty to count 3. The other charges were dismissed as part of the plea agreement. So his record will only show a conviction on count 3.


Mr. Feasal is correct, either the DA dismissed counts one and two as a result of plea bargain dealing and he plead to count 3 or the jury only found him guilty of count 3 and counts one and two were not guilty.