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What does child support cover?

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I have a child support modification hearing next week. I am being asked to pay for all medical expenses, ex in-laws have custody and feel they are not responsible for any medical bills. They also want me to reimburse them for misc. expenses for ex. school trips, sports the boys play,any tournaments the boys enter and training camps. Am I obligated to pay for the misc. expenses? I already pay child support.

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Unreimbursed/uncovered medical expenses in excess of $250 a year are not included in your child support payment. Child Support is intended to cover contributions toward housing; food; clothing; transportation; entertainment, etc... Technically, the costs of extracurricular activities is already factored into the child support obligation, although it is not uncommon for a court to require a parent to contribute to the satisfaction of costs associated with extracurricular activities in addition to a basic child support obligation.

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How far back can they go to collect past medical expenses?

Kenneth A White

Kenneth A White


The law states that the right to recover a parent's proportionate share of uncovered/unreimbursed medical expenses is never waived. However, some Judges will refuse to go back to far, perhaps citing equitable reasons or simply being too lazy. But the correct, legal conclusion, is that the right to recover funds due for uncovered/unreimbursed medical expenses cannot be found to have been waived.


A great idea is to Google questions before (or after) asking them here. I Googled yours and added NJ o the end. Got a decent answer:

More specifically to your case, it depends. Depends on the incomes involved, the nature of the expenses, other aspects of the case.

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Child support will include extracurricular activities but not private school tuition or camps.

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Child support is determined by using the New Jersey child support guidelines. The guidelines utilize an income proportionate calculation to determine the noncustodial parent's weekly child support obligation.  This weekly obligation is then adjusted to account for the noncustodial parent's overnight schedule, the cost of medical insurance, any extraordinary or reoccurring medical expenses, daycare costs and any other support obligation.

Theoretically, the guidelines are supposed to cover approximately one third of the custodial parent's "fixed costs" such as mortgage payments, one third of the custodial parents "variable costs" such as food and utilities and one third of the custodial parent's "controlled costs" which include extracurricular activities for the children. Additionally, the guidelines are presumed to include the first $250 per child per year of uncovered or unreimbursed medical expenses and educational expenses.

The child support calculation is presumed to be the accurate number and in the child's best interest. The court, however, does have the ability to deviate from the child support guidelines if it is found to be in the child's best interest.

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