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What does bond type BD mean? Bond Denied? We decided not to bond him out. Now they want to pre trial release him.

Fort Lauderdale, FL |

Statute: 893.13-1a2(Alpr-D)
Charge Comment:
Charge Status: PENDING TRIAL
Bond Type: BD
Bond Amount: 1,000.00
Projected Sent. End Date*:

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I doesn't stand for Bond Denied, since you can see that a bond amount was set at $1,000.00 (fairly low for a second degree felony). You may want to contact the clerk's office or the jail (whoever posts the information to the website where you found the information you posted above) and ask what BD stands for, since that is apparently their abbreviation for something.

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It does not mean Bond Denied. He has a $1,000.00 bond. If they give him pre-trial release, he may not have to post a bond. You should contact the clerk's office for more classification.

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