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What does an "N" mean under Visitor status when looking at an inmate information page?

Covina, CA |

This has nothing to do with immigration matters, seems like when I look up visitor status it's giving me immigration information.

Here is some of the information and is there a way to tell what charges she has or why she has a felony conviction from the inmate info search I did?

The jail is located in


Charge Level: F (Felony)
Total Bail Amount: 100,000.00 Total Hold Bail Amount: 0.00 Grand Total: 100,000.00


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The "Visitor Status" noted on the inmate information page is unrelated to the inmate's immigration status. The letter and numbers that are listed after Visitor Status relate to whether the inmate is permitted visitors, and the number of persons who have visited the inmate. I believe the "N" status you reference means that the inmate is not permitted visitors.

With regard to the charges and conviction, you will notice that on the LA Sheriff inmate information page the headings "COURT," "RELEASE," and "CASE INFORMATION." Under the CASE INFORMATION heading, the case number and courthouse address should be listed. If you are interested in the charges and disposition of the case, you can go to the courthouse with the case number noted under the Case Information heading. Once at the court, go to the records window with the case number and request a copy of the case file, which will include a copy of the charging documents (criminal information/complaint/indictment) and any judgments, convictions or pleas entered in the case. These documents are public record and will provide information on the specific felony charged and the resolution of the case. You will likely have to pay the court a photocopying fee for the file. Hope this helps.

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Thanks, for your information. I had contacted the station or jail where she is at and they explained the N status means that she has not had any visitors but is able to have some.

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