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What does affirmed mean?

Greensboro, NC |

My appeals said the decision will be affirmed and benefits will remain the same. Does this mean I lost the appeals?

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If you were looking for MORE, yes.

If this does not help, please re post your question. I wish you the best.

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If you think about whan an appeal is, it's a challenge to a ruling or order or verdict in a lower court. In essence, you're asking a higher court to overturn or reverse that lower court's order. So when the appellate court states that the decision will be "affirmed," it is rejecting your request to overturn that lower court's order. So the lower court's order remains in tact.


Yes, assuming you were the appellant (the one who was trying to change the existing decision). When the appellate court affirms the lower court or agency's decision, you have lost at least that stage of your appeal. Depending on the court system in your state there may be a higher court with discretionary review. In Oregon, Court of Appeals decisions can be reviewed by the Oregon Supreme Court. However, you have to convince the Supreme Court that there is an issue in the case that could impact many other people, such as a new statement of law. If the decision in your case was primarily based on the specific facts of your case, your appeal is over and you have lost.


If you were seeking to increase your benefits, you lost. If you were figthing to keep your benefits at the same level, you won. Take Care!

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