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What does a single mom(never married) need to do to get sole parental responsibility?!

Tampa, FL |

the father of my child has not been involved in the pregnancy or birth or now that my child is a few months old as well as he does drugs and is verbally abusive. When asked if he wanted to see his child he said no we will just go to court! How likely is it that i will get sole p.r. if i feel its my child's best interest in this situation?!

he was also asked to come see his child a few weeks in a row and refused!!!! isn't that considered abandonment????

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Pursuant to Florida Statute 61.13 the court will look at the statutory factors listed therein in order to determine if sole parental responsibility is in the child's best interest. Since you were not married the proper action to bring is a paternity action which will deal with child support, timesharing and parental responsibility.

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