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What does a revoked probation mean?

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My boyfriend had court today and it was for termination of probation he finished his assigned hours and impact panel but he hasn't made any payments towards court fees he went to court and they said they were going to revoke his probation, and no jail time. They mentioned that if he didn't pay the fees the civil union or something like that would come looking for him? And it would damage his credit. What does all this mean? Who or what is the civil union or something? Is that possible? Or is it going to happen? Why didnt they just say termination of probation? Why revoked probation?

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Generally, if the judge revoked the probation that means that any jail time that was suspended your boyfriend will have to now serve. In addition to attending classes and performing other requirements of probation, the defendant has to pay court costs/fees as a condition of their probation. However, your boyfriend may be able to get an extension on the time to pay if he can show financial hardship. You should contact a criminal law attorney in your area.

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Normally, when probation is revoked, the defendant is sentenced to jail. Are you sure he was on probation and not court supervision? A revoked supervision order becomes a conviction. If it was for a DUI, that is serious trouble. You do not give important information to us: what was the charge, for example. The "civil union or something" : the state's attorney has a civil UNIT which can file a civil law suit to recover unpaid fees and, yes, it would damage his credit. If he has a lawyer, ask the lawyer these questions. If he did not have a lawyer, talk to one at once.

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Does he have another court date or did the case finish yesterday?


If he was on probation and the Court revoked it it typically means the defendant is going to jail or prison. It may be that he was on supervision (for a DUI?) and the Court revoked his supervision, entered a judgment of conviction, and closed the case. If that's the situation that means big problems for your boyfriend's driving privileges. It sounds to me like the Court also entered a judgment against your boyfriend for the fines, costs and fees that he was assessed in the case. A judgment is a debt in favor of the State that they can collect on, sometimes with the use of collection agents. Having a judgment against him could affect his credit rating. The only way to erase the judgment is either to go back to court to ask to have it vacated, or pay off what is owed through the Clerk's Office.

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