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What does a jury trial prayed and awaiting circuit court dispositon?

Upper Marlboro, MD |

does this mean the judge had ruled or is ruling? i googled this and someone says it is when the judge is deciding the sentence?

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Typically these comments appear for district court cases that have been forwarded to circuit court. Jury trial prayed means that the defendant exercised his right to elect a jury trial. Only the circuit court may conduct a jury trial. The file is forwarded, and the district court case is closed. Awaiting circuit court disposition means that the defendant appealed the district court's decision. If the appeal is later withdrawn, then the district court decision becomes final. However, if the appeal proceeds, then the circuit court will enter its own judgement. In the meantime the district court is waiting for the outcome.


In Maryland, all criminal and traffic cases that have a penalty over 90 days in jail (incarceration) qualify for a jury trial. Most cases start in the District Court when charges or informations (criminal charging documents) are filed, and either terminate there or are elevated to the Circuit Court, which is the highest trial court in the State of Maryland.

In the Circuit Court, a person accused of a crime that qualifies for a jury trial, or is indicted there, is entitled to a jury trial of his/her peers.

When the docket entries show that a "jury trial" was prayed, it means that the defendant, the person accused, asked for a jury trial from the District Court, and that the case will be forwarded to the Circuit Court first for a status conference (to see if it is a trial or a plea) and then it is set accordingly.

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