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What does a Judgement of foreclosure & sale set for motion hearing mean? Default set for motion hearing?

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I live in a house up for foreclosure my landlord don't really tell me what's going on with it so I followed up with the Chancery Department and they show a judgement for foreclosure and a motion for a sale date. There was a court date last week so I called today to follow up and they said it will for sure be foreclosed on and they are looking for someone to sell the house. What does that mean they are looking for someone to sell the house? How long will it be before I have to move? The whole process has been 5 months already but there was a previous foreclosure filed 2 years ago on the same property. Should I start looking for a place to live? I don't understand the foreclosure process or how long it take's. Can the bank just come and kick me out or do they give me notice to move?

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I recommend contacting the Lawyer's Committee for Better Housing for advice -- they have a special protject which advises tentants impacted by foreclosures. After a foreclosure judgment is entered, the property is sold. The sale then has to be confirmed with the court, and after the sale is confirmed, an order is usually entered requiring occupants to vacate the property. In general, tenants are entitled to stay in a foreclosed property until 90 days after receiving the required notice, or the end of their lease (if they pay their rent), whichever is longer. You should notify the bank's attorneys that you are in the property if you were not named in the foreclosure proceeding. They are sometimes willing to pay "cash for keys" in order to entice you to move out more quickly. See the following link for more information:

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