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What does a child family investigator (CFI) look for?

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What specifically does a child family investigator (CFI) look for when they come in your home?? Can you have them talk to people who may be able to provide info on your competency as a parent and person as well as those who may have info that DISproves that for the other parent??

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Your question is what does a CFI look for when they do a home visit. There are some basics
1. Is the home reasonably neat and clean?
2. Do the children have a place in the home- do they have favorite items, a bed, a bathroom with toothbrush and towels?
3. Are there toys and games that are appropriate for the children's ages?
4. Is there adequate food in the house?
5. How are meals handled- does the family have a regular time and place to sit down or does everyone help himself and sit at a computer or TV?
6. What is the interaction between the adutls in the home and between the adults and the children? Do the children speak about fun shared experiences? Do the parents and children play games, read together and do other activities that help the children feel part of the family?
7. What are the chores?
8. How is discipline handled?
9. How were the children prepared for the CFI? How do they react to a stranger?
10.If there are family pets, how do they fit into the family? Are they calm or nervous? If there are dogs, is the yard kept clean for the children?
11. What does the yard look like?
12. Does the house reflect pride of the owners or general neglect?

These are just a few of the observations I attempt to make during a home visit. I hope that this helps.


Mr. Littman has hit the nail on the head with his answer. Basically, the CFI is to look at all 17 aspects of the best interests of the child to determine the appropriateness of the homes of both parents for the child and the emotional and psychological fitness of the parents. A huge thing that CFIs and judges look at as well is the ability of each parent to encourage a loving and helpful relationship with the other parent. If you have a CFI on board, you really need an attorney on this case as well.

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Both previous answers are absolutely correct. I wanted to chime in to add an answer to your question as to whether or not they will speak with third parties. This would depend on the CFI and the surrounding circumstances. At the conclusion of the CFI's investigation they will need to prepare a full report for the court, and the attorneys (if there are any) on the case. In order to get a full "picture" of the family, a CFI may speak to third parties.

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