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What does a Chapter 13 cost in Colorado? Will that include everything?

Bailey, CO |

I am considering a Chapter 13 after divorce for myself now. My car loan is in default, Ect. I make about $15.24 hr. , 32 hours a week. I owe more on my car than its worth and got behind all due to garnishment.

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The Colorado bankruptcy court's Presumptively Reasonable Fee (PRF) is $3,600 for basic chapter 13 services provided before confirmation of the plan. See  

Fees in excess of that amount or after confirmation require court approval after a review of detailed time records for services provided. 

Many chapter 13 attorney's require payment of part of the fee before filing with the balance paid throug the plan after court approval.

With what's at stake, consulting with an experienced bankruptcy attorney licensed to practice in your state may be a good idea.

If you want to know more about the meaning of certain key words used in bankruptcy, see the federal courts' web site for a glossary of bankruptcy terms:

My law firm is a federally designated debt relief agency and helps people in Colorado file for bankruptcy relief under chapters 7 and 13 of the Bankruptcy Code.


My suggestion is that you arrange to sit down with an experienced bankruptcy attorney who can advise you as far as what to expect and what your fees and costs will be. As Mr. Hunt stated, most chapter 13 attorneys will require a portion of the fee up front but will include much of the fee to be paid through your chapter 13 plan. Most bankruptcy attorneys will also offer a no cost initial consultation.


It is almost always a mistake to hire an attorney based on price because the cheapest attorney could cost you the most because if not skilled, your payments may be much higher resulting in a bigger total bill. Absolutely so in Chapter 13, because the money paid to your attorney through the plan (not the small upfront down payment) comes out of money that would otherwise have to be paid to creditors on Schedule F. So why cheat yourself out of obtaining quality representation when your creditors are going to be footing the bill? Hope this perspective helps!


Based on what you describe, I am not sure chapter 13 is the right option. Is there any particular reason you want chapter 13 over chapter 7. You should schedule some consultations with attorneys to review your financial circumstances to come-up with the "right" solution to your financial challenges.



I already filed Chapter 7, 2 years ago while married.

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