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What does "reopen disp" mean for case status?

Altamonte Springs, FL |

My probation in Brevard County, Florida was scheduled to end earlier this month. The clerk's website shows the case as "reopen disp." What does that mean?

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It seems to means your probation is not ending for some reason. You need to hire an attorney to investigate the issue.

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It sounds like they are looking at your case. I would guess to either terminate probation or to violate you. You can call the court to see what is happening. Hope that's helpful


Different Clerks use different lingo. Your best bet at finding out precisely what it means is to contact the Clerk directly. For your convenience a link to the Brevard Clerk follows:

Please see:

In the interim I am guessing that "reopen disp" means "reopen disposition", which suggests (suggests) to me that you may have a probation violation coming.

Anyhow, call the Clerk and be sure.

I hope that I have been helpful in answering your question.

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As a Brevard County attorney I can tell you it means the case was reopened and then disposed. It doesn't mean there is a violation of probation. When you pled to your case and were put on probation, the clerk closed the case. If a document was filed in your case, then the clerks would "reopen" the case in order to file said document. Once the issue was resolved, the clerk of courts would then close the case again and it would say "reopen disposed." Without knowing your case number I wouldn't be able to tell you exactly why it was reopened and then closed.