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What does 'red flagged' by DSS mean? Can I find out who called them?What are my rights against them.

Forest City, NC |

A member of my family called DSS and made some false allegations.They said that I was on drugs and that I was neglecting my children by not taking them to the doctor or the dentist. Doctor and dental records proved them wrong.When nothing seemed to be wrong,this family member called dss two more times.I understand that they have to investigate however I had been planning on moving months before this mess got started. So far everything they have no evidence to prove anything that has been said. Last week I went on vacation and the lady from DSS had called my dad and threatened to red flag me if I didn't contact her. I called when I came back and she wants to see my son and I in her office.This is all new to me and I am scared to death.What rights do I have?

the term "red flag" is not an industry term, are you sure it was not a prank. you can check by going to the mvr website and locating a phone number for automated service. call the number and learn if your status is suspended. if you decide to contact this person at the dmv i would record the conversation.

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Dear Questioner from North Carolina:

The first caveat I have for you is that I am not licensed in your state. I can only give general legal advice from your broad question. I take it DSS is the Dept. of Social Services. Here in Ohio we have Family and Childrens's Services and the like.
If DSS already investigated the false allegation, why are they trying to follow up? What duty do you have to be hailed into someone's office with no legal process being served upon you? I do not think you have a duty to do anything at this point. You may want to hire or get advice from an experienced family law attorney in your local area. Best referral is word of mouth from someone who used this lawyer. Perhaps this lawyer can put pressure on DSS to cease and desist unless and until they have something more than false allegations. It is a crime to make false allegations to authorities.
Perhaps your family member slinging the false allegations needs to be investigated. In Ohio a person who makes false reports can be charged and convicted of falsification, obstruction of official business and the like. My bottom line advice in this one is do not make another move without the advice of a good attorney in your local area and State. Thank you, Nicholas J. Scheps, Esq. Ohio