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What does "non-reporting" probation mean exactly?

Georgia |

Clearly while on any kind of probation, one does not want to break any laws. And if charged, one would be required to notify the PO. It also seems evident that while in "non-reporting" status, the probationee does not have regularly sheduled appointments with a PO. But while on "non-reporting" status, will the probationee be required to notify PO of travels outside of State or country? Would a probationee's move within or outside State require approval, or would notification of the move be sufficient? What are the actual boundaries of a "non-reporting" probationary status?

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It depends on GA's probation system. In CA we distinguish between adult probation and informal or court probation. The latter is non-reporting. You don't have a probation officer and you are free to move about the country or beyond. You just can't break any laws. I assume GA's system is similar but you should ask. If you don't want to pay a lawyer call probation and ask them.


Most reputable lawyers don't charge fees for consultations. I suggest you avoid taking advice from out of state lawyers who aren't licensed in GA and merely give you speculation, or friends and family.

Also - I think it's a REALLY bad idea for a defendant or probationer to call any government agency, leave that to a lawyer who is familar with the system who can help assure that you don't accidently do or say something to jeopardize your case or status.

You don't say what city you're in, but I recommend you find a local attorney who will offer you a free consultation.


Depends on whether the probation is state or federal, and on what the sentencing documents actually say. Typically, non-reporting probation in this state means what it suggests, that you are not required to report to a probation officer during the period of probation. Often, that means you are able to travel without restriction, and without notifying a particular probation officer. But in certain instances and in certain local jurisdictions within the state, a probation officer may be assigned and a probationer may be required to report prior to travelling. You should consult with the attorney who handled the plea, or, if you would prefer, another attorney of your choosing regarding the specifics of your situation.

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