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What does "impute income" mean?

Fort Myers, FL |
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If there is no way to accurately calculate income, or the responsible person has intentionally reduced or eliminated income, the court can make a finding as to how much that person actually earns or should be earning.


It is when the court assigns you a higher income than you may actually have, due to unemployment or under-employment. In a child support case, the court will usually impute an income of at least an amount equal to minimum wage times 40 hours per week. This comes to $1,350.27 per month, minus taxes.

Higher amounts can be imputed depending on your salary history and other factors.


Imputed income is a term the courts use to establish an income of a person that either has underemployed himself or quit a higher paying job to avoid paying a higher amount of child support or alimony and. When this scenario occurs, the courts impute income to that person at the higher paying income and then child support and/or alimony is calculated on the imputed income.