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What does "disposed" means?

Los Angeles, CA |

This is in regards to Civil Case...Citibank sued me and there is a judgment but I recently filed for bankruptcy. I went to the website La Superior Court and checked the case summary and under status it says "disposed"...What does it mean?

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It means that the case has been disposed of, that the problems in the case have been resolved one way or another, either by a decision from the Judge, an agreement between the parties, or otherwise, such as by you having filed Bankruptcy. In other words, the case is considered to be closed.


I agree with the prior response. Basically, "disposed" is terminology used by the court system to indicate that they don't have to do anything further in the case (even if there was no request for dismissal or final judgment on file). In your case, there was a judgment, so that is the end of the case, despite your subsequent filing for bankruptcy.