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What does 'disposed' mean, when referring to the status of a domestic violence case?

Beaverton, OR |

I looked on the Multnomah County Oregon Sheriff website to check the status of my case. It sayd 'disposed, next to all three charges and I am out on bail. What does disposed mean? That the case was thrown out?

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No, it means that the charges have been initially dealt with and you are out of jail. Nothing has been resolved.

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The website is the Sheriff's office, not the District Attorney. The police's involvement in the case (arrest, etc.) is more or less done ("disposed"). That doesn't change that you have an ongoing criminal case, with charges pending. If you don't have a lawyer, talk to one immediately, so you can get your case going. Criminal cases move very quickly. Most of us that do criminal law do free initial consults, so get a few quotes and engage representation as soon as you can. Good luck!

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In short, it doesn't mean anything, I agree with Ms. Summer. Don't wait and see when it comes to criminal charges and possible penalties. Get on the horn now and start consulting with attorneys and finding one you trust.

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