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What does "alternate charge" mean in case notes and redaction required, and arrest AFF in clerk of courts account for an arrest?

Fort Pierce, FL |

I was looking up my sons arrest record on "The Clerk Of Courts" page and in the notes section it says "Alternate charge" also on the same site under the EVENTS section it says "Redaction Required Arrest AFF" what does all this mean?? He was arrested on a marijuana possession charge of over 20 grams., a felony!!!! UGH (will they ever learn?).

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Alternate charge could mean several different things. It sounds like you're reading short-hand entered by the Clerk of Court, and therefore the easiest way to decode it is simply calling the Clerk of Court and asking.

Redaction required means that some information on the documents needs to be blacked out before the documents are released to the public. This usually means information such as social security numbers will be removed to protect the defendant from identity theft. I'm guessing that "arrest AFF" probably stands for arrest affidavit, which is probably the probable cause affidavit where the officer states his reasons for believing the defendant has committed a crime. Again, call the Clerk of Court to be sure -they should be happy to explain it to you.