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What does "3 Years Jail, Execution Suspended, Probation 10 Years" exactly mean?

Bloomfield, CT |

That the person did no jail time but is on probation for 10 years and if they mess up while on probation, they go to jail for 3 years? Im confused.

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You got it! However, if the person messes up, they will be "exposed" to 3 years in jail. A violation of probation would be a separate proceeding where the person is exposed to that amount.


Yes that is about the size of it. No immediate jail time but exposed to three years for a probation violation during a ten year probation


You are essentially correct. This is called a split sentence with probation. In this case the entire jail sentence is suspended - meaning held in abeyance while the convicted party serves a probationary period, here 10 years. While on probation the probationer must comply with the terms and conditions set by the court (judge) and as directed by the probation department. Failure to so comply could result in the probationer having his probation violated and returned to court for further proceedings that might result in the imposition of the suspended period of his sentence or some portion of that period. It is not a foregone conclusion that when a probationer is found to be in violation of probation that he will actually go to jail. Sometimes the court (judge) will impose further conditions without jailing the violator. Sometimes the probation officer will impose sanctions on the violator and not send him back to court. It helps to think of probation as a form of contract between the court and the convicted person. The court agrees not to sentence the convict to actually serve time in jail; and the convict agrees not to commit further crimes and to adhere to the terms of his probation. From the sentence you describe the crime this person has been convicted of probably contains an element of sexual misconduct. Few other crimes in Connecticut permit such a lengthily period of probation. I suspect the terms of probation include restrictions designed to treat the offender as well as protect society. I hope this explanation helps.

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