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What documents do you need If there are children born during the marriage but the husband is not the Father.

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what specific documents are needed to prove the husband is not the father

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If your husband is not contesting your divorce, you can get the documents on this site: Good luck and God bless you.


If the husband is not the father of children born to the wife during the marriage, you will likely need some legal help to do what is required to address the issue in the divorce. Because the husband is presumed to be the father of any children born to the wife during the marriage, even if husband and wife did not live together when the children were conceived, it is often necessary that genetic DNA testing be done to disprove the presumption of paternity. Once the genetic test results have ruled out the husband's paternity, the court must still make orders for the paternity of the children as part of the divorce decree. It is unfortunately not a simple matter, and I expect you would have much difficulty in handling the matter yourself due to the procedural requirements you would have to meet. I urge you to contact a family lawyer to discuss your situation. I wish you the best.