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What documents are needed to be handed in the county clerk for an inden number for a divorce?

Deer Park, NY |

i am filing for an uncontesed divorce; i have my papers drawn up and signed but i need help getting started on the filing proces...or would it be easier to hie a lawyer?

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Only you can determine if you are able to proceed on your own. Check the OCA website Ro follow the directions. If all the correct papers have been executed theme you can try submitting them to court for approval. It is certainly easier to have an attorney process the paperwork, but substantially more expensive. Good luck.

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The clerk of the Court may be willing to help you with the filing process, assuming that your papers are properly drafted and ready for filing. Of course, if you retain counsel this will be much easier for you----and you will be assured that you will achieve your objectives. Lawyers are expensive but for most people the extra cost is worth it.


There is a whole packet of forms you need for an uncontested divorce. I think you can find them on the Office of Court Administration web site. If you can retain a lawyer who does uncontested divorces that is the way to go.

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It would be easier to hire an attorney. IF your papers are correctly prepared, it may be even cheaper than normal to hire an attorney. That attorney would still need to review those papers and proceed accordingly. To answer your first question, you need 1) Index number application and 2) Summons with Notice OR Summons and Verified Complaint.

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