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What do you suppose the thinking is behind a Revenue Officer sending a letter wanting an in office meeting in a state over 900

Jacksonville, FL |

Miles away.

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We owed back taxes of $10,000 (inc.penalties and interest) from 06/2001-2002. The letter is hand addressed. The only option I was given was to reschdule meeting. It is my first contact with the IRS in years. The letter was not sent by certified mail. IT is a letter requesting me to meet with the Revenue Officer in his office in regards to $10,000 in back taxes owed and unfiled tax returns for 2008-2010. He wants me to file with him and sign them and pay the $10,000. Could anyone please help me in this regard? Thank you.

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I agree with Mr. Cappuccio again. It is critical that you get your 2008-2010 returns filed right away. You cannot get on a payment plan with the IRS for the old 2001/2002 taxes until you are "currently compliant." Also, there are some really great payment plan or settlement options right now under the new IRS Fresh Start program that are available. For instance, monthly payments on a $10,000 liability can be as low as $140, to be paid off over 6 years. Its good to have that kind of breathing room, but you still want to plan on paying the debt off as soon as possible because of how nasty the penalties and interest are. The maximum non-payment penalties are 25% and the maximum non-filing penalties are 21 1/2%, for a grand total of 47% with interest of 4% on top of that compounded daily.

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You need a tax lawyer! The failure to file returns means you are not "current" and cannot get an installment agreement. You need to get your returns prepared. Your tax attorney will file them with the Revenue Officer. Please do not try to handle this yourself.

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The two previous answers are right on the mark. You need to hire a tax attorney, and you need to get your 2008, 2009, 2010, AND 2011 taxes filed immediately (assuming you also have not filed your 2011 return). As far as the office being 900 miles from Jacksonville -- Is that where you used to live? Have you ever filed returns from Jacksonville? The office may be in the city the IRS identifies as your tax address. You may need to file a change of address form, but this is something you can discuss with the tax attorney you hire.

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Dear Sir, Thank you so much for your quick reponse! In answer to your questions. Yes sir, you are right. I am attempting to get my tax returns filed including 2011.. No, I have never filed returns from Jacksonville. I would assume that the IRS would know that my tax address is the same one that they sent the letter to. Maybe the IRS thought we were in Connecut where the meeting place that is specified in letter. I have had some attorneys advise me to not personally speak to Revenue Officer because I may say something wrong. The Officer said they would help me complete and file the returns if I wanted but he wants them signed. And said he could then look at my options for payback solutions if I cannot pay the whole amount.Which I cannot. Thank you for any additonal insight.



Thank you for your expertise!