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What do you do when you are being sued by your credit card

Cape Girardeau, MO |

I am a young individual that does not want to file bankruptcy. I do have 2 outstanding credit cards where one is taking legal action for over $800 for a card that had a limit of $300. My debt is not that much for the cards that I have but I am unable to pay because of medical conditions that keep showing up and the doctors can't seem to figure it out. What should I do

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Always answer the summons within the time required. Otherwise they will get a default judgment against you and will also pile on attorney fees and costs. If you have any doubt how to do this, three options:

(1) Go to the court clerk's office and ask for help.

(2) Retain an attorney.

(3) If you can not afford an attorney, call the state or county bar association and ask for a low fee or no fee referral.

I truly wish you the best.

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