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What do you do when people in your apartment are setting my erotic picture on the public computer tarnishing my name.

Sacramento, CA |

I live in a public housing and i have some people in there harassing me and threatening me and posting my erotic photo on the PUBLIC computer which everyone in my complex can see and. Saving them on the computer desktop as "HOE FILE "the photo are old from a website i worked for "myredbook" i needed the cash and now i am pregnant and going to school and this is haunting me everyday i delete it off the computer and the next day it is right back on the main desktop i have tried everything what do i do my apartment wont kick them out its a never ending cycle.

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The solution to your problem requires practical advice, not as much legal advice. I could tell you about possible lawsuit claims you might be able to make, but the reality is that you could not collect a judgment against these other public housing renters without money even if you could get a judgment, because there are probably no attorneys who would take a case with such a small chance of collecting on the judgment if they get one. What they are doing is wrong, but on a practical level it does not appear you have a legal solution.

Perhaps as soon as you finish school you can move away and leave those jerks behind.

Good luck to you.

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Talk to the management of your building. There is a complaint process available to you. This is a violation of the applicable rules for tenants and the management should investigate and deal with it appropriately, even if they have to resort to logging tenants who use the computer. Make a good fuss and also reach out the local legal aid organization that is most visible in interacting with your particular housing agency.

Make a formal written complaint to the agency that administers your housing. They can force the management of your building to take an appropriate enforcement posture here.

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This is morally and ethically wrong, and may constitute some level of harassment that your landlord should put a stop to. It may even be enough for you to seek out a restraining order.
However, I don't think it is illegal, especially since you posed for the photos and allowed them to be included in some website. They are now part of the public domain.