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What do you do when neurlogical problems are so severe, shows in all my medical records, but can't even get to go the....

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medpractice lawyer, medical device lawyer to explain due to chronic confusion and intense inflammatory attacks from medical device and a surgeon who had no clue what he was doing? No consent to the Risks! Within a short time, I have gotten so sick, neurologically, facial nerve pain, face inflames, disfigures, granulomas. It is now too much to organize my files (I have them all) but to get to a lawyer during day light, during the "intense inflammation flares" due to the autoimmune diseases during day light? Are there lawyers that would come to the apartment?

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I'm sorry this is happening to you. Certainly there are attorneys who will come to your home to speak with you. It's best to start by making some phone calls as soon as possible--you'll be guided from there. Good luck!

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Many medical malpractice attorneys will travel to your home to review your matter with you. Call an attorney in your area and inquire.

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I'm sure there are plenty, especially since you live in Manhattan, as it's a short taxi ride from plenty of offices


Yes there are, but it would be helpful if you had an advocate with you (family or friend) who is familiar with your situation.


There certainly are attorneys who will come to your home and assist you with your claim. You should call a medical malpractice attorney's office, there is a strong possibility that they will meet with you at your home, if they are interested in your claim.


To my knowledge, there are many top notch medical malpractice attorneys who meet with potential,clients at their home. Your medical condition sounds complex. Has a source of postoperative infection been linked to the device? Was your autoimmune compromise a factor of what occurred and what continues to plague you? Speak with a medical malpractice attorney. There are many highly competent and successful attorneys who should be able to help you. Best wishes to you.

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