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What do you do if you are involved in a Custody Modification Case in a rural area and the Judges are acting Unethically.

Tucson, AZ |

To date five judges have recused themselves, I'm down to one judge and I ask this Judge to recuse himself due to his wife employment in relation to the witness list. His wife is a teacher and she works with another teacher on the witness list, I am at my wits end.

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I have never seen any case where multiple judges recused themselves. Did you ask the judges to recuse themselves or did they do so on their own motions?

What is the reason 5 judges recused themselves?

What are they doing that is unethical?

Although I do not have the answers to any of the questions I just posed, I think it would be wise to caution you that your statement that 5 or more judges are acting unethically sounds very doubtful. It may be more prudent for you to focus on how to move forward with the case instead of accusing multiple judges of being unethical.

Pick your battles, fight the ones that you can win and avoid fighting the ones you can’t win at all costs.

It may be time to request to move the case to Maricopa County.

Good luck!

Patrick Sampair
The Sampair Group, PLLC

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Two were ONE time recusal in 2009, the case was admin sent back to one of the judges (2012), and she wanted to hear the case. My attorney had to send up a motion to say "can you really hear this case" that was incompetence. One I discovered a personal and professional relationship with a thereapist via Facebook, I ask for him to recuse himself and he did (2012). Another recused himself reasons he would not revealed (2012). Beleive me I asked to get this moved out, nope, it's in the hands of the last judge. The issue is this has taken too much time, with unprofessional and dilatory practice of the court. I think I was just wondering if this has happenned to anyone else, I think I have my answer. Everything is backed up by a piece of paper, and 14 months later I ahve a court date, in four months. There is a small child involved. Thanks!

Patrick S Sampair

Patrick S Sampair


Good luck, I am sorry this is such a nightmare for you.


Without more facts I am unable to truly respond. Besides which I don't see a question. But in light of your dilemma you must retain the services of a skilled and experienced family law attorney. Contact the local bar for a referral. Go to the yellow pages and in the beginning of the attorney section you'll find the lawyer referral services section with phone number. Good Luck.

This answer is not intended to give you any legal advice as the information provided by you is insufficient to provide any legal advice. You must seek the services of a qualified and experienced attorney before acting on any advice from this website or any other place.



I guess really there is no question, just statement, and I wondering if anyone ever heard of a situation like this, I think the answer is no


I agree with the answers above. If you truly believe that a judge is acting unethically you can file a Complaint with the Commission on Judicial Conduct and they can determine whether your Complaint holds any weight; however, this is a last resort. Keep in mind that it is not unethical for a Judge (or a Judge's family member) to be familiar with a litigant or witness. Recusal is only necessary if there is a legitimate conflict of interest.

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I agree, I have three complaints I'm ready to launch with the board, however my lawyer said she will drop me. Then if you look at the stats, 300 complaints are filed a year with only apx 40 substantiated, not good odds. Pick your battles I guess.

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