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What do you do if you are falsely accused of hitting someones parked car in a private parking lot?

Gainesville, GA |

When I was leaving work today, I found a handwritten note saying I parked too close to their car and hit their bumper. They just wrote "Silver Mazda 10/13/2011". No name, phone number, etc..I did not hit the car. I have a Hummer with metal trailer hitches in the front and back-- if I hit a car, I would know it. I called my insurance co but they told me I can't really file a claim without knowing who is making a claim against me. I am going to check tomorrow to see if the parking lot has cameras or not.

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You'll have to wait and see if they contact you.

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You don't need to do anything at this point. If you are concerned about it, video tape of the parking lot is a good idea. But, based on what you have posted, I am not sure why you would be concerned.

Jeffrey Whitcomb
Whitcomb Law Firm, Ltd.


The burden of proof is on the accuser and without independent witness corroboration, physical evidence substantiating the John Doe claim, there is no need for you to take any action, especially until you or your insurance carrier are placed on notice. It is a good idea to check and determine if there are any security camera video you could ask for review and preservation in the event a formal claim is ultimately presented. I have some other advice to share at no cost if you want to call me Friday morning.


Your insurance company will take care of this should the other person attempt to file a claim. Your company should support your position and deny the claim if your position is supported with lack of evidence. Relax...nothing to do at this point.

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