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What do you do if the mafia and clans have bugged your home, phone , internet, television service ect.

Algonac, MI |

my home has been bugged by the mafia and clans and I have told the police and they have not responded to my complaint

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The police normally do not give much help in these situations because they believe the person complaining is being delusional, that is, they believe that the person complaining is imagining bugging and other harassment that did not actually happen. Unless you are a major organized crime figure, or a wealthy person they are trying to rob, most people would believe the Mafia would have no interest in you. To overcome the intrusions on your privacy, you might wish to move to a new location, and use a tv antenna instead of cable tv. There is no way of getting internet access that would protect you from internet-based attack, however, an anti-virus program would give some protection. But basically, if you are on the internet, you can see others and they can see you.

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Like Attorney Lawrence mentioned, the police are hesitant to take this kind of claim seriously. Do you have any proof that these things are happening? There is equipment you can purchase to test if your phone is bugged. You may also want to consider hiring a private investigator or someone familiar with these types of devices to search your home for them. Once you have some concrete proof you can present that to the police and they may be more willing to help.

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I agree with my esteemed colleagues from my home state of Michigan. I am a former judge and former prosecutor of organized crime gangs. It is highly unlikely that they would have bugged your home and your phone. It is impossible to bug your television service and I have no idea why they would want to do so. Additionally, it is possible but difficult to intercept your internet. Basically, the police and the DA would be aware that this is happening to you before you did. You would need to hire a private investigator to substantiate your allegations before ANY law enforcement agency would take this seriously.

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