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What do we do?

Hobbs, NM |

My husband got a spine injection. Ever since then he has horrible pain and burning in his leg and the doctor refuses to do anything. What should we do?

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This is more of a question for the medical side of Avvo.

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Suggest that you see another doctor. see what he/she says. Would not mention considering a legsl action.

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Find anther doctor or post this on a medical forum.


This is really a medical question rather than legal. You should talk to your husband's physician, ask for an explanation, and discuss treatment options. Most likely your husband has incurred a nerve injury or impingement from the needlestick. This is an accepted risk/complications of any spinal injection. It can occur in the absence of physician negligence. Whether the condition is repairable or may resolve naturally is something to discuss with the doctor. If the current doctor won't talk to you, find a new doctor.


Was it the tainted steroid with meningitis? Have a lawyer order the medical records to investigate.


I suggest that your husband obtain a 2nd opinion from another Dr. as to what is going on. Your husband should provide the new Dr. with a copy of the medical records concerning the spine injection. If it appears there has been negligence by the doctor performing the Injection, you and your husband should seek counsel with a personal injury attorney.

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Seek the opinion of a medical doctor, preferably a board certified anesthesiast specializing in pain control. if it appears that there was any error in the earlier injection, then you need to contact an attorney handling medical malpractice claims. My office is based in Albuquerque, and I would be happy to give you a free consultation after your consult with the MD for a second opinion.

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This complication does not necessarily mean malpractice but your husband deserves some answers.

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