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What do I say on a job application?

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I did PC1000 for an 11550. I did the classes and got my certificate. I still owe fees. However, my case on the Ventura County Superior Court site is confusing. For Case Status, it says "Deferred Entry of Judgment". Below however under Disposition it says "Found Guilty by Court". Under correctable, it says N. I need a job so I can get on my feet and pay the fines. What do I say on a job application? The case number is 2011022427. Thanks much

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If you received a Deferred Entry then likely you were allowed to enter a Guilty plea in a narcotic case and afterwards, your penalties were suspended while you completed a program. If this was done correctly, once you were successful and met your obligations, the court would have unwound your plea and dismissed the action against you allowing you to truthfully answer that you have never been convicted of a crime.

If you are truly uncertain about the status of your matter, speak with an attorney and allow him to pull the file and determine the final status for your matter.

Good luck.


PC 1000 is a form of deferred entry of judgment which rehires that you enter a guilty plea to qualify in most cases. Although after completing the program the case is dismissed the guilty plea may show on your record. As to what you must say it depends on what the job application asks for. Were you convicted? Not if the case was dismissed. Were you arrested? Yes, but CA law prohibits a potential employer from asking that question.

John M. Kaman

John M. Kaman


Excuse the typo. "Judgment which requires..."


My colleagues are correct. Again once you complete PC 1000 case will be dismissed-

Andrew Roberts (818) 597-0633/ (805) 496-7777


What does your job application question specifically state? If you are doing deferred entry of judgement, you do not have a conviction on your record. Technically, your case is still pending. You were not found guilty by the court, because criminal proceedings were interrupted, and your sentencing date is two years out.

If the question on your application asks have you been convicted of any misdemeanor? Your answer is no. However, jobs that require state licensing, nursing, real estate, etc still will require you to disclose this case in some way.



That doesn't make sense. Are you sure about the nursing, real estate license thing? I was told when I pled and accepted diversion (PC1000) that the only job I would ever have to disclose this information for was that of a law enforcement officer. I even asked a friend who had 2 drug possessions and completed PC 1000 and drug court, and she got her Real Estate license, and she told them she had never been convicted of anything, and she came up clean and got her license? So, are you sure what you are saying is correct?

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