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What do I need to get power of attorney for an incapacitated family member that cant sign the documents necessary?

New Port Richey, FL |

My father is in a medically induced coma, he would want me to have power of attorney I am just unsure how to go about getting the documents signed since he is unconscience. Is this possible... Please note my father is located about 5 hours away so most of the communication has to be done long distance.

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You may want to look toward filing a petition for guardianship under chapter 744, Florida Statutes. This would allow you to make decisions regarding your father's affairs.

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You are now past the point of a power of attorney. Now you should file for guardianship. A family lawyer can help you.

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I agree with the previous two attorneys. You are past that point where you could obtain your father's signature on a Durable Power of Attorney. However, one glimmer of hope, you said that your dad is in a medically induced coma. Will he come out of it? If he does, will he be competent to sign. Even if he cannot sign, someone can sign for him in his presence with his permission if the notary is present at the same time -- as long as he is competent.
If you can avoid a guardianship, by all means, try to. They are very vexing and expensive in Florida. That's why everyone over a certain age should have a durable power of attorney.

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