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What do I need to get a drivers license in another state when mine was suspended in CO

Colorado Springs, CO |

My license was suspended for 2 DWAIs in Colorado. If I still lived in Colorado I would be eligible for reinstatement in March as long as I give them my DUI Level II Education and Therapy DRS paperwork, $95 reinstatement fee, SR-22 non-owner policy and a couple of other forms. I would also be requiried to drive with an interlock device for 2 years. I now live in Arkansas and I know when I go to the DMV here they will tell me I have not met the CO requirements. What are the requirements in CO when I am in another state now, what would they require me to send them since I am not applying for reinstatement in CO? I have tried calling but got 3 different answers from them. I am not trying to avoid the requirements, just want to know what all they actually need since I am no longer living there.

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It would be in your best interest to get reinstated in Colorado. Even if you never plan of driving here. Getting reinstated in Colorado is not the same as getting a Colorado Driver's license. Colorado will have a hold on your driving privilages in most other states until you are reinstated. You may be able to provide an affidavit stating that you do not own a car in Colorado which would negate the need for SR-22. Likewise, you may be able to do an out of state affidavit to avoid an interlock device.

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If you new state recognizes your past states requirements for reinstatement of your license they you already know what you have to do in order to be eligible for a license. So if Arkansas in connected with CO, you will have to jump through all the hoops that CO says in order to get a license.

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