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What do I need to do to switch to Mental Health Probation from ECU Probation?

Denver, CO |

I'm currently on ECU Probation and my probation officer keeps ignoring my mental and physical health diagnoses (calls me a liar and that I'm faking it), and is forcing me to seek work even though I am pending SSDI and my DRs all diagnosed me unable to work. (I have a lot wrong with me). So how can I switch to Mental Health Probation since he is making my health worse and putting more strain on me. I'm seeking representation as well. Thanks.

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You would need the judge that originally sentenced you to modify your probation requirements. This is most easily done with your probation officer's consent. Have you asked them what documentation or proof they would need in order to find your diagnosis sufficient to warrant a transfer? This is where I would start, but understand that they're not going to consent to a transfer unless you're in compliance with the current terms of your economic probation.


Mr. Greenwood is correct. I would set up an appointment with him right away. I am a former judge and only judges can modify conditions of probation and overrule your probation officer. so, hire an attorney immediately

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