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What do I need to do to get rid of an attorney who is doing nothing for my case?

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I was represented in a child support motion to modify, paid attorney the fees she asked, went to court she told me we settled but I have yet to hear from her in two months. She will not return my calls, texts or messages etc...No other attorney will talk to me because she is representing me. I would not think so by the way she is acting. I need help! What can I do??? PLEASE help!

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Continue calling or texting if you like, but you should begin addressing the issue in writing. Regular mail is more likely to gain a response than e-mail, and certified mail is your best method of proving (if you need to) that your attorney received the correspondence.

Calmly and succinctly outline your understanding of where things stand, your questions about moving forward, your expectations of your attorney and the steps that you believe need to be taken to regain your confidence. Include a deadline for return communication, and instruct your attorney that a failure to respond will result in termination of her services and the return of any unearned fees.

Lawyers, like anyone else, can be fired. You aren't married to your attorney any more than she is married to you. If you aren't receiving the level of communication you believe you deserve, consider firing your attorney in precisely the same manner that I've outlined above.

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Sharon Elizabeth Conway

Sharon Elizabeth Conway


I agree with everything James said above. Do make sure she has all your proper and current contact information with the letter, and I would give her no more than 10 days to respond to you. I would add, though, that if the attorney does not respond by the deadline, you should file a grievance against her with the State Bar of Texas. If she fails to respond, she has violated the rule requiring her to communicate with you and keep you informed about the status of your case, and she has also likely neglected your case. You need to take action before any further damage is done to your position.


My colleagues' advice is sound. I have added a link that will at least get you started to some reasearch on filing a grievence, or some alternatives to get some help.

Good luck to yolu.

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