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What do I need to do to get emergency temporary custody of my grandson?

Davison, MI |

My son had a child with a young woman due to a break up his name has not been added to the birth certificate. a dna test has been taken and proves him to be the father. My son is now in jail serving a 90 day sentance. My grandchild has been living with my daughter and son in law due to the mothers lack of residence and drug problem. I need to get custody of this child to ensure the safety and well being. What are my options what step should I take? I live in the state of michigan

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I don't think you have standing to be awarded custody, however you should petition the probate court to obtain guardianship. There are several benefits to becoming the guardian of the minor children, basically it will save you and your family the heartache of going through DHS and child protective proceedings. Furthermore, based upon the facts laid out above you have a basis to obtain guardianship.


Hire a family law attorney to seek guardianship. One reason for such an order is that child is left with someone with no legal rights to kid. If guardianship is awarded you can generally put child on your health ins., just like your own kids.

Legal disclaimer: This answer is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship. It is meant to give the questioner some general information regarding their question and the questioner should follow up by consulting with an attorney who practice in this area of law.

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