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What do I need to do to fight my traffic citation in front of a judge? I am currently scheduled for administrative officer...

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My friend said I should have requested a real judge when I went to the clerk but I did not know about that and no one at the clerk told me about this. I assumed I was going to take this to a normal trial. Is there a form they have at the clerks for change of venue or whatever you call this? BTW speeding 15mph over the limit is the charge. Thanks

this is in WinterPark , Orange County Florida

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It's always a cost benefit analysis when you fight traffic tickets. Even the most gifted attorney loses those cases 90% of the time as the evidence against you will be compelling. I encourage you to hire local counsel to seek out a recommendation and then pay the fine associated with the reduced charge. If you drive enough you will receive tickets....good...bad....or otherwise.

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You should have requested a hearing in front of a county judge as set forth in Traffic Court Rule 6.630 (n) - Assignment to County Judge, which says: "On written request of the defendant, within 30 days of the issuance of the uniform traffic citation, the case shall be
assigned to a county judge."
Even though you now have a court date, If the 30 days has not elapsed from the date of the citation, you can still make this request to have your case heard in front of a County Judge.



Thanks thats helpful but what if its been 40 days? Did I somehow waive my right to a trial before a judge? I went to the clerks on the 30th day. Cheers


In your situation, it most likely would not be much of a difference or prejudice to you whether you are before the judge or hearing officer. Other counties, it can make a huge difference, but Orange County is not one of them. Most traffic ticket defense attorneys can handle this matter for you as they are well-versed in the legal requirements and evidence required to establish a speeding citation. We have very competitive rates for our Orange County traffic ticket defense and can handle the hearing on your behalf. Feel free to call our office to discuss your planned defense and we will discuss the potential strengths and weakenesses of both your defense, and the differences between the hearing officer and judge when it comes to these infractions.

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