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What do i need to do to adopt my wifes child, if the biological has not seen him in 9 yrs and he is back on child support?

Kansas City, MO |

When I met my wife, her son was 1.5 yrs old and biological father was incarcerated. He has been out for 8 years now but has not seen or requested to see his son even once. He only pays child support occasionally and is way behind. I have been this childs father for 9 years now and i am the only dad he knows. How do i go about adopting him as my own?

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The first thing you need to do is sit down with an experienced adoptions attorney in your area. Adoption is not something you really want to try to do on your own. It can be procedurally challenging.

The easiest way to get an adoption through is for the biological father to relinquish his rights. He may be willing to do so once he finds out that his current child support obligation would terminate when his parental rights are terminated. His past-due support is not affected by an adoption: he still will have to pay back support.

This is one of those areas where spending money on a lawyer is a really good idea. Make sure it's someone who primarily does adoptions.