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What do I need to do if mychild support payment has been deducted from my paycheck everyweek but got served saying Im not paying

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N.Y.: got served for failure to pay child support. also says that I have huge arearage. I live in another state far away so I set up telephone conference/courtdate. However the problem is it has been taken out of my paychack like clock work, every pay period entire time. I called her & she said Yea I havent gotten it in over a year! I tried to email my paystubbs before the set date but kept getting mailer errors so i faxed it to the clerks fax. I made the call & the Judge did not want to hear anything. said he didnt receive any exhibits & passed it to another date. Do I need to file something? It seems simple, theres a deduction order, enforcement takes out my money. Is it my job to then wiretransfer the money from THEIR acoount to her for them?! theyre dropping the ball, what needs f

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Unfortunately you may not be able to do anything until the court date. On the day that you appear you can present all your proofs. there is obviously an error on one of the ends. First verify that your employer has the right account number to which it is being sent. Then reach outto CSEU and verify the wire transfers.
In any event on the court date bring all your proofs you will have the opportunity to be heard. If you do not already have an attorney you may wish to consider retaining one.

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You can introduce your paystubs to show the money is being deducted. You can also get documents from your employer attesting to the fact the deductions are being made. You then need to follow up and find out where the money being deducted is being sent and if it is being credited to the right account. Ultimately, if the money was not remitted by your employer they are in contempt of court and will be liable for the monies deducted. Start by traking down payments made by employer, where they were sent and what account number they put on remittacne.

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