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What do i need to do about this?

Philadelphia, PA |

me and my husband purchased a rehab home and fixed it up and moved inside the home ,18 months later we get a letter in the mail saying that the seller was quit claiming the home and we had no idea what this was and then we contacted a criminal attorney because the attorney well servered my family ,but this attorney we retained dont seem to know anything at all in this field and have told my husband that he needs the seller/plaintiff as witness and i am confused on that because the seller is the one who is taking us to court saying he didnt sell the home , which is a lie and secondly my husband has all receipts from his construction of rehabing the home also the lawyer allowed my husband to get a default saying that he did it because he want more time on the case and never told him at all

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If you already have a lawyer, which it appears you do, you should speak with him first. We can't really comment if you're represented right now.

This answer is informational only and does not create an attorney client relationship. I am not expressing an opinion on the merits of your case based on the facts above. This is not legal advice. This is free. You pay for legal advice.


I agree with Attorney Mulvihill - you should ask your lawyer. However, I will say that, if you have ended your criminal defense attorney’s representation in this matter, you should hire a real estate attorney. Your attorney may have served your family well in a criminal defense matter, but real estate law is an entirely different field that requires a different knowledge base and skill set. You should engage the services of a real estate attorney.

This response does not create an attorney-client relationship and is not intended to provide legal advice for your specific situation