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What do I need to do? Do I have a valid case against someone for making these mistakes?

Cayucos, CA |

My grandmother passed away a few weeks ago. She hired a lawyer back in Sept 2010 to change her will. She left everything to us 8 grandchildren. I was just informed that the lawyer didn't have her sign a power of appointment. Now the will is reverting back to the previous one. Who is responsible for this mistake? What should we do next?

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It's possible that you could have a claim against the attorney for legal malpractice, but it would depend upon all of the facts. If you consult further with an attorney (which I urge you to do), additional information will be helpful. What are the differences between the will she did not sign and the previous one? Do you have copies? What is the amount that will pass through your grandmother's estate? Who has direct knowledge of the facts? Feel free to contact me to discuss further (although our offices are in San Diego and Los Angeles, we do take cases in SLO County). Good luck.

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