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What do i need to devlope a case for modification of parenting plan due to several C.P.S clames

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You need to prove that there has been a substantial change of circumstances since the last order was entered. Beyond that, there is not much I can say since each case is different and there is no way to give you a definitive answer wittout reviewing the file. Please hire counsel.

The information is for general information purposes only. Nothing stated above should be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation.



The cps reports were found to be valid and show a pattern of neglect. I have a request for records in currently will this be enough? Or do i need to go to the point of getting declarations from her friends and famly?


Previous attorney is correct. One thing to remember is that anyone can make reports to CPS. What is going to be most interested in is whether or not CPS issues what is known as a finding og abuse or neglect. This may take some time for CPS to decide.


There are no where near enough details here to advise you. Sit down with an attorney in person to go over the specific facts of your case.

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