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What do I need to consider when an employee who was terminated for cause files an unemployment claim with EDD?

Torrance, CA |

I do not necessarily want to prevent the ex-employee from obtaining unemployment benefits, but do want to know how the claim could/would affect my business and potential future obligations to pay into the unemployment fund.

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If you are the owner of an on-going business, you need to be in an on-going attorney-client relationship with a general business attorney who can advise you on the myriad matters that will present themselves repeatedly over time: personnel, payroll, discrimination and harassment claims, worker's compensation, premises liability, unemployment benefits, leases, compliance with state and municipal laws and regulations, contracts with vendors, suppliers and customers, etc. No business can thrive by using Avvo as a one-off substitute for a comprehensive and in-depth grasp of your business' overall legal posture.

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Neil Pedersen

Neil Pedersen


Ms. McCall is right on with this response. Find a local employment law attorney to be our outside counsel. In the long run, being proactive (as you are being with this post) will save you a great deal of time, money and emotions down the line.


The EDD provides a great resource for you to study and learn about how the unemployment insurance process will affect you as a business person. Please take a look at the following links for that resource.

Take a look especially at the Employer Information link on that page.

Good luck to you.

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