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What do i need to bring to court to have daycare included in my final child support amount?

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Im currently going through a child support case for a 3 yr old... I own my own business and only conduct business on the weekend.. I do however work with my clients throughout the week via phone and email. I am a event planner and 99% of my physical business is done on the weekend. I hire a nanny just on weekends to care for my child while i work. What do i need to bring to court to show the judge that daycare is an expense for me on weekends.

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You can use proof of the payments you make to the sitter. (i.e., copies of checks, bank statements, etc.)
If you pay cash that may be more difficult to prove. You can have the sitter sign an affidavit saying how much he/she is paid and how often and have it notarized.

My preliminary answer to your question is based on the limited information you have provided and should be used as guidance not legal advice. My response does NOT create an attorney-client relationship.


I agree with the other attorney...bring the best evidence that you have that you make those regular payments and it should not be a problem unless the expenses are disproportionate to what a reasonable person would pay under the circumstances, etc.

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The Court just wants to see proof that you need a nanny and that you pay her what you say you do. If she completes a written statement, make sure it is notarized.

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You should probably bring a lawyer. Barring that, bring the nanny. The other lawyers are right in that you may be able to get away with showing documentary proof of payment of the nanny, but the rules regarding showing documents to judges are very complex. The rules for calling witnesses to say what they get paid are much simpler. Bring the nanny.

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