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What do I need to bring to court. I have a court date in civil court for an order to show cause and vacate default judgment.

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I recently discovered a public record in my credit report. I was unaware of any debt. I had not recieved any calls or letters saying I owed any money. I take pride in my credit. I went to civil court and filled out the order to show cause. I have a court date in 2 weeks. I would like to know what I should bring to court to help my case. I don't even know the what type of debt this is.

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if the papers were properly served on the other side and they do not object or show you should win and get the judgment vacated. If you do not know what debt this is for and dispute any debt then there is not much you can bring with you.

Bring any documentation regarding this debt, if any. Get a copy of your credit report an and point out that this debt is not listed anywhere on the credit report itself.

Good Luck!

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