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What do I need or have to do to get early term off probation?

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what do I need or have to do to get early term off probation?

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You must complete all of your conditions and pay all your court ordered financial obligations. Then a motion to early terminate can be filed. Be advised that some judges require you complete 1/2 of your probation before you terminate.


If you have satisfied all of your conditions of probation and have not had any violations, your chances are good. You must file a motion for early termination and have it set before the judge who sentenced you. It is always beneficial to have an attorney represent you. An attorney can review your probation order to determine whether there were special conditions such as the completion of half the term as Ms. Glenn mentioned. This is common in many jurisdictions.

This answer does not, nor is it intended to, create an attorney-client relationship or constitute attorney advertising. Rather, it is offered solely for information purposes. Since the facts of each case are different, it is critical to consult with qualified counsel with whom information can be shared and assessed under an attorney-client privilege, so that competent advice can be obtained on which you can make informed decisions.


You need to have completed all your conditions of probation first and foremost. Then, assuming there was no agreement to NOT let you off probation early, then you can file a motion with the court to let you off probation early. Getting an attorney would help considerably.


If it is not "auto-term" probation and early termination is permissible, a motion must be filed for early termination of probation. answers provided solely for informational purposes. Answers are not legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. If you are seeking legal advice, contact a competent attorney in your local jurisdiction. Learn more about my practice at


The most important thing in my opinion is a favorable recommendation from your probation officer, which will usually been good about completing the terms of probation, paying restitution, of course, not being violated, pretty much common sense stuff. Then you need to get back before the court, which will require a motion and a hearing. A lot of people who could get this done fail to do it, then get violated and want to kick themselves because they could have gotten off and fail to do it!!!


Normally have everything completed with no violations of probation and at least half f the probationary term completed. It's best to get an attorney to file the motion for you.

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