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What do I have to do to obtain a marriage license; what do my partner and I need?

Reynoldsburg, OH |

She is 18 years old and and I am 20. She is not a legal citizen of this country; she has to take an exam. She lives with her parents who will not consent to our marriage. She has graduated high school. I am a citizen of this country as I was born here.

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You and your fiancee need to go to the courthouse downtown (the old building not the new one). Go to, I believe, the 22nd floor to get a marriage license. Your fiancee is 18 so she does NOT need her parents' consent as she's an adult. Her legal status in the US is irrelevant for Ohio marriage license purposes. You both need IDs; your fiancee should bring her passport. And it costs $50.

After you're married, you may be able to help your fiancee with her legal status in the US (depending on many factors that I'd be more than happy to discuss with both of you once everything is done). Good luck and Congratulations.

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I agree with Ms. Hamayel, who has the immigration expertise I do not have. I was not sure what effect citizenship would have on the right to marry. One correction, you will want to go to the 23rd floor of 373 S. High to obtain your marriage license.

Fred Berkemer

Ala M. Hamayel

Ala M. Hamayel


Thank you. I can never remember if it's 22nd or 23rd.