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What do I do when the Camden City court has summoned me for a case that I already appeared for & was subsequently dismissed?

Camden, NJ |

Back in July of 2008 I caught my girlfriend in bed with another man. She had a non-working mini-van parked at another place in the city. In my moment of anger I keyed her can. She callled the police and I was summoned for court. After a few days we agreed to an amount ($350.00) and the amount was paid and when we went to court she told the court she no longer wanted to pursue charges. The case was dismissed. Then in 2011, I get a notice to appear for the same matter. I go to court and she (the ex) is there and she going along with the courts mistake. Basically using the opportunity to try and get more $ out of me. I had her sign a paper when the original transaction to place but can't find now. I have little $, court this week and don't know what to do. Will Camden reimburse my legal?

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If you have received a court summons, you would be risiing a default judgment against you if you did not go and you could, depending on why you received a summons, be in contempt of court and a warrant issued for your arrest. Hard to fathom that a 2008 case is still knocking around the courts. If its a mistake, point that out to the judge.

Recommend you hire an attorney as the notes and agreements you made to date have not protected you very well

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You should appear in court and tell the judge the history of the case.

You will not get reimbursed for any legal fees you incur.

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If this is a criminal matter, you should get a criminal atty to help you.

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