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What do i do when my lawyer is not doing his job?

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I was in a car crash and paid a lot of money for my injuries out of pocket. I'm asking to be compensated and now my lawyer is taking his time with my case and I need the money. he never updates me he always has some stupid excuse and he claims there are still missing "documents" from the hospital that he ordered and that they're "coming" over a month ago.
I've been with him for so long I don't want to reinvest my time and effort in another lawyer if I don't have to.
what should I do?

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Schedule an appointment with the lawyer. If he will not meet with you or you are not happy at the meeting let the lawyer know that you are considering replacing him.

You are better off getting a new lawyer if you are not happy than wasting more time for no results.

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1st thing you should do is make an appointment and sit down with your attorney and see if you can get satisfactory answers to your questions. If you can't, you have the right to change attorneys at any time. The old attorney and new attorney will share the fees and you should not have to pay a higher fee just because you change attorneys.
We offer free consultations throughout California should you wish to contact us.


I suggest that you write a letter to your attorney and request a face-to-face meeting with him within the next 10 days, to discuss, in detail, the status of your claim. If you do not receive a satisfactory response to this letter, you may wish to consider finding a new attorney. Keep in mind that in any personal injury case, it will take time for you to reach a medical end result or maximum medical improvement. You need to reach that stage of healing so that any permanent impairment can be evaluated by your doctors and then used by your attorney in helping to negotiate a resolution of the claim or ready the case for suit.

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I would make an effort to keep your attorney if you can patch things up. I like the idea of meeting with him and airing your complaints and posing your questions. These cases often take a long time to conclude and it is often not the attorney's fault at all. Your attorney should be able to explain things to you in a coherent way that satisfies you at least that he is doing his job, and that the delay is coming from somewhere else. If he does not satisfy you, you should find another attorney who can, since one day you will be asked to put faith in your attorney's recommendation and you should be able to do so with confidence, Good luck, Claude
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I agree with the others that it is a good idea to try to meet with the lawyer to have your questions answered. Many times lawyers may be constricted by insurance limitations, multiple parties making claims, the Court calendar or other issues beyond the lawyers control. As a consequence, a client may feel the lawyer is not doing his or her job. Contact your lawyer and find out if this may be the case.
If you would like to talk, I am in San Diego.

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