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What do I do when I see someone using my company name?

Brooklyn, NY |

I have a business in New York Brooklyn and noticed that there is a business with the same name as mine in Bronx. I found out by getting a collection notice mailed to my address instead of theirs. What can I do to resolve this so that my business never gets confused with this other business? I have been in business for 14 years now and built up a reputable company.

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One thing that you do not mention is whether you are operating under a trade name or a name that is trademarked or registered in some fashion that identifies it as yours. It is possible to have a store called Pat's Plumbing Supply in Brooklyn and another one by the same name in Queens.

Consult with an attorney to understand the situation and what you can do.


Talk to a lawyer with a background in business law and intellectual property.

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Do you have a trade name? You need to give more details and to consult with a business attorney in New York.

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