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What do i do when i dont have money to talk to a attorney?

Douglasville, GA |

Im so thankful that ive gotta this great feedback from you all because i really haven't been able to talk to anyone that was willing to help without any money. Your answers have helped greatly and i do appreciate it. I really am not experienced with anything in this situation i am come to find myself in, so again thanks! Anything else you think might be helpful for me to know about please feel free to share but if not than i grateful for all your previous help!

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It's a bad idea to rely on advice from anonymous Internet strangers, even if they are admitted to practice in some state. If you're involved in a criminal matter and can't afford an attorney, your state must provide you with a public defender. These attorneys are often talented and committed, but they're usually overworked, so you may not get the personal attention you want.

If you're under arrest or in custody, you should speak to no-one, except to say "I want to speak to my lawyer." You should not post details of your situation on the Internet, unless your lawyer tells you to do so.

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